We are in the business of selling music and are not in the business of selling information about our guests and clients. You are the most valuable asset to our business therefore matters pertaining to your privacy concerns are of paramount importance to us.

We will not rent or sell your name, address, e-mail address, credit card information or personal information to any third party without your permission. However, should a situation arise whereby we are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer, in this instance we would have no choice but to cooperate fully with the authorities concerned.

It is possible for you to use much of our site without giving us any personally identifiable information. However, the collection of personally identifiable information is necessary when making a purchase or when you contact us. When personally identifiable information is collected, you will know this because you will have to fill out the order form when you make your purchase. The information we collect from you is needed by us to process your order. In order to do this we require your name, e-mail address, birth date and gender (for future promotions, bonus offers etc.), street and billing address, area code / zip, phone number and if your choice of payment is by using a credit card, your credit card information. Any other information requested on any order form subtitled 'optional' is not required to complete and process your order and is requested only to help us get to know our customers better.

Sometimes we may out source to another company to help us deliver products and services. In those instances, we need to share your information with them however, they are only allowed to use the information to deliver the product or service. Outside this, your permission will be sort first before any information you give us about yourself is shared with anyone else.

When you give us personally identifiable information, you will have the opportunity at the time we collect your information, to limit e-mail communications from REMEMBER THAT SONG and from any of our third party partners. You can request at any time that REMEMBER THAT SONG not send future e-mail to you either by unsubscribing from he communication or by contacting us at .

REMEMBER THAT SONG may, from time to time, allow advertising on our site. Once you click on an advertisement you will leave our site and therefore our privacy policy no longer applies. However, personally identifiable information you give REMEMBER THAT SONG remains secure with REMEMBER THAT SONG and is not accessible by any other 'advertising' site. You must read the privacy policy of the advertiser to see how personal information you give them will be handled on their site.

In addition, there may be many business advertisements, managed and placed on our site by third party companies known as 'network advertisers'. These companies often collect information when you click on or scan one of their banner advertisements. 'Network advertisers' collect this information so that they can show you ads that are more relevant and interesting to you. This information is collected using technology and you may not be aware it is being collected, however, there are ways to limit the information collected through technology. This information is collected by the use of 'cookies', which are pieces of information that a web site sends to your computer while you are viewing the web site. These pieces of information allow a web site to remember important information that will make the use of their site more useful to you.

Internet companies use 'cookies' for a variety of purposes however, the information collected through the use of cookies is not personally identifiable. When you enter a site, your IP address is collected so that requested information can be sent to you. An IP address is often associated with the place from which you enter the Internet, such as your Internet service provider (ISP), your company or your university. The information collected through technology is primarily designed to make accessed web sites more interesting and useful to you. This includes helping advertisers on their site to design advertisements their guests might like.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a 'cookie' is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all 'cookies'. You do this through your browser settings. Check your browser help menu to learn the correct way to modify your 'cookies'.

Be aware though, that if you turn 'cookies' off, you won't have access to many web site features that would otherwise make your web experience more efficient and also, you may find some web site services will not function properly.

Once again, personally identifiable information you give REMEMBER THAT SONG remains secure with REMEMBER THAT SONG and can not be combined with information gathered by 'cookies' outside of the REMEMBER THAT SONG site. Normally we don't combine the two types of information but will only do this if necessary to identify a visitor in order to enforce compliance with our site rules or terms of service or to protect our service, site, guests or others.