Barry Hall - 1958



It was around 1958 when Television came to Adelaide.  NWS Channel 9 was first to go to air, however this long awaited event was somewhat delayed because of an unfortunate fire which damaged much of the main studio … but as the showbiz saying goes – “The show must go on” the grand opening went ahead as planned. Radio Programs underwent drastic changes around this time but that’s another story.

Barry carried on with his afternoon radio show as usual, however one of his colleagues and fellow announcers, Kevin Crease, who had succumbed to the “box” (and who was tremendously popular and successful on TV until his untimely death) made an exciting telephone call to Barry. Kevin had been co-hosting an afternoon children’s show, called “The Channel Niners” when he made the call and said “Harry” – (he always called him that) How would you like to play a few tunes on a new piano, for the kids’ show tonight. Barry accepted and so started a 12 year association with Channel 9’s Children’s Shows as a performer, and musical director for “The Channel Niners”, “Stars of Tomorrow” (A talent show for Young stars of the future) and even the early day of “Here’s Humphrey” starring Humphrey B. Bear, which was to become an Australian Icon in Children’s Television. Because of the location of NWS9 – just across the road from 5DN in Tynte Street North Adelaide, it was reasonably easy to combine Barry’s radio work with his Television appearances as “The Music Man”.