Barry Hall - 1st June 1951

I had only been at Radio 5DN in Adelaide for several months having being employed as office boy after leaving school in 1951. 

Radio at that time was "BIG" with top shows coming from Sydney, like The Caltex Theatre, The Quiz Kids and a host of serials like Hagens Circus, Dad and Dave, The Air Adventures of Biggles, Hop Harrigan  and the list goes on.

One of the top stars then was Quiz Master Jack Davey who hosted several shows a week on the Macquarie Radio Network of which 5DN was a member station. 

When it was announced that Jack Davey was coming to Adelaide to record several quiz shows, I was over the moon and even more so when I was given the job of "Prop Boy" to assist on stage. This job entailed striking the gong when contestants couldn't answer Jack's questions and more excitingly for me to take part in the Persil quick quiz where 100 packs of Persil washing powder were made up into ten packs on one table alongside the quiz master's microphone.  When his contestant correctly answered a question I raced ten packs over to another table on the other side of the microphone - when the contestant failed to answer - back went the 10 packs and so on - I thought I was 'made' - and to meet the great Jack Davey in person was a highlight of the early days of my career.