I Love Entertaining Seniors'

Music gives so much pleasure to the elderly.  Over recent years I've had the pleasure of entertaining so many Seniors' in retirement Villages, Churches, Seniors' Clubs and Nursing Homes.

Music evokes so many happy memories of days gone by.  It's amazing how certain songs 'trigger' happy moments from wedding days, Anniversaries, Birthdays - sometimes sad memories, of loved ones since gone. 

In every way music is good therapy.  It cleanses the mind - it relaxes - it creates all manner of good things and speaks in all languages.  Music I have found is particularly therapeutic for people suffering from dementia.  It triggers some chemistry in these patients' brains resulting in some amazing reactions.

One of the most remarkable events I have experienced occurred recently when I was asked to entertain at an aged care facility in Victoria.  All residents here were affected by varying degrees of dementia.  I was told by an activities coordinator that I would have varied reactions from my audience.  There was one lady though I was told who had been in a comatose state for five years and could not expect any reaction from her at all.  Little did I or the staff know that during one of my sing-a-long items, this woman who for so long had not reacted to anything, suddenly burst into hearty song, along with the rest of the audience.  At the end she sank back into her usual blank state.  What a surprise for us all that day, when this lady miraculously burst into song proving that music can do some amazing and wonderful things.